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HealthFirst Cleaning offers many amazing care and maintenance services for hard surfaces in your home including Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles with Grout, Concrete, Slate, Travertine, Marble, Granite, and more. Our cleaning and sealing specialist will visit your home for a no obligation inspection of all your hard surfaces. We'll inspect for damage, staining, and repellency including test for water and oil-based protection.

We can restore expensive floors and make them beautiful again. Your tile and grout will look like it was just freshly laid. Our cleaning process flushes our more dirt than a mop or toothbrush ever could. Our new technology allows us to clean your tile and grout with highly pressurized hot water with complete control and removal for the most thorough cleaning ever! After the cleaning process, we apply a professional application of an impregnating sealer which will leave your floors so much easier to clean. We can also remove the toughest mineral deposits that have accumulated in your bathrooms. Even the ones that you've tried so hard to scrub away and they don't budge.

Hard surfaces that are unsealed or sealed with poor quality sealers are a sponge for oil, food, or beverage spills which can result in permanent staining. Proper sealing and maintenance can protect your flooring investment by creating an invisible barrier to reduce spill penetration. To check for water based stain protection, take a spoonful of water and pour it on the grout or stone and wait five minutes. If the water is absorbed or if the color darkens, your hard surfaces are vulnerable to staining. To clean surfaces prior to sealing, we steam clean them with our state of the art cleaning process which extracts the moisture during cleaning before applying the sealer. Exterior surfaces are pressure washed with heat. After sealing, our clients can usually walk on the surfaces again within a few hours depending on the temperature, humidity, and absorbency of the surface being sealed.


  • Vinegar and ammonia can damage most sealers?

  • Most contractors do not seal the surfaces they install because they don't have time to wait until the grout has seT? They usually don't return to do this.

  • Many floor cleaning products leave a residue than can attract soil?

  • We will clean a small are of your dirtiest tile for FREE just so you can experience and see for yourself how HealthFirst Cleaning provides the most thorough cleaning ever!

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