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Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

There are five components in restoring your new home into a healthy environment following construction.

First, is dust removal: Dust will be removed from all surfaces, moldings, walls, light fixtures, sills, stairs, ledges, doors, baseboards, floors, furniture, counters, appliances, closets, cabinets inside and out from ceiling to floor with a HEPA filtered vacuum.

Clean Air Technology Post Construction Cleaning

Second, is air purification: While the dust is being removed from all surfaces, we use commercial HEPA filtered air purifiers to scrub the air of all particulate. Not removing the dust from the air will re-contaminate the areas that have already been cleaned. The motor of the air purifier draws a high volume of air into the machine. All airborne dirt anddust are trapped inside the HEPA filter releasing only pure healthy air back into the environment.

Post Construction Cleaning Post Construction Cleaning

Third, is detailed cleaning. After we have removed the dust from all surfaces with our HEPA filtered vacuum we now clean all surfaces with water and a sanitizer with an almost dry sponge. Removing the remaining fine particulate and a wide variety of germs and viruses. Bathrooms, including tub, shower, toilet, cabinets, floor, closet and door. Kitchen, all cabinets, appliances, sills, doors, moldings, baseboards, and floor; all other rooms and hallway will be cleaned and sanitized same as above. Even freshly painted surfaces are subject to contamination of airborne particulate. This is the reason we clean and sanitize all surfaces leaving your home healthy as well as clean.

Fourth, HVAC duct and vents. The system has been operating with high concentration of dust during construction, drawing the dust into the system through the return vents. Studies by the EPA show that it’s the small particulate that is the most harmful to our health. Also the more dust passing through the filter begins to accumulate on the fan and clogs the coils, causing more frequent breakdowns and higher energy bills. Money that was spent on dust removal detailed cleaning and air purification is wasted if the HVAC system is recycling dust back into the clean environment.

Post Construction Cleaning Post Construction Cleaning

Fifth, window cleaning is the final phase of post construction cleaning including thorough cleaning of panes, sills, and all other components.

After more than 27 years in the cleaning business, we've learned that Post Construction Cleaning is a subject of much confusion. General cleaning is only one step above broom sweeping and is not sufficient following construction. In order to transform your home into a healthy environment, complete post construction cleaning as outlined above is required including professional detailed cleaning and dust removal processes.

Air must be purified with commercial grade air purifiers to remove all particulate and airborn pollution. Air cleansing and dust removal cannot be achieved by simply opening windows. To the contrary, outdoor air contains pollens, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, and hundreds of other chemicals. Outdoor pollution should be kept outdoors and indoor toxins from construction must be strategically and methodically removed to avoid respiratory problems and allergy aggravation. Further, a total cleaning and sanitizing of the HVAC Ducts and Vents as well as source removal is imperative to prevent prolonged exposure of dangerous fine dust particulate and pollutants. These will only recycle back through the system with only a vacuuming which most people think is sufficient. HeatlhFirst Cleaning does not use shop vacs or household cleaning products. Our state of the art HEPA Filtered equipment virtually eliminates pollutants back into the home and our hospital grade sanitizers neutralize pollutants.

Post Construction Cleaning Post Construction Cleaning

When choosing a company for Post Construction Cleaning, beware of the company that offers you the lowest price. Often, prices that you see are not for the services that you need performed. Also, when comparing competitive proposals, it is important to go line by line to ensure you are getting all the services you need to get the job done right. At HealthFirst Cleaning, we do all that is required to do the job the right way. We use HEPA Filtered Vacuum Equipment, Commercial Air Purifiers, and most importantly, we GUARANTEE our work.

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