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Detailed House Cleaning

Detailed House Cleaning

Detailed House Cleaning Detailed House Cleaning

Detailed House Cleaning Detailed House Cleaning

The company philosophy of HealthFirst Cleaning is based upon the science of "Cleaning for Health". Our primary objective is to locate, contain, remove, and properly dispose of any unwanted substances from surfaces and/or indoor environments. We reduce human and pet exposure to unwanted, unhealthy contaminants and pollution. This also protects our investment and reduces energy consumption by clean HVAC system's running more efficiently with fewer breakdowns.

George Botticelli's "Cleaning for Health" program is designed for each home or business depending on your specific needs and concerns. We go from room to room to see what best suits you. Following, is an overview of a detailed cleaning:
  • We start by using a HEPA filtered commercial air purifier to remove all airborne dust and pollutants.
  • As the air is being cleaned, we are using our HEPA filtered vacuums to remove dust and pollutants from the crown moldings, walls, windowsills, baseboards, and light fixtures. All hard surfaces are then wiped down with an almost dry sponge with water and a hospital sanitizer.
  • We move the furniture so we can clean under and behind. Not all carpets, upholstery, area rugs, and draperies need a deep cleaning, however even though they appear clean, the dust and invisible pollutants are what are harmful to us.
  • First, we vacuum for a source removal, then we use a steamer to kill dust mites that have set up housekeeping in your furnishings. The highest concentration of dust mites are in your mattresses because that is where they feed on an abundance of dead skin as well as their own waste. Gross, but true. Steaming is important because vacuuming alone will not get all of them. The heat of the steam kills them. We also us an EPA approved anti-microbial for greater effect.
  • Next, is to clean out your central HVAC ducts and vents. HVAC units are cleaned according to our air duct cleaning procedures which include connecting a powerful vacuum to the air duct system, sealing off outlets to create a vacuum within the air duct system, sending compressed air down each air duct from the register to the furnace to loosen and remove dust and debris so the vacuum can remove them. The last step is to sanitize each individual air duct return, cold air returned furnace chambers. The sanitizer is an anti-microbial disinfectant-cleaner-formulation designed for hospital and industrial use. EPA registered formulation is found effective in eliminating microbial organisms. There is no residual or residual odor.
  • Although the cleaning crew does not perform service work on the furnace, they will vacuum out the furnace and inspect for any apparent maintenance problems.
  • A source removal and sanitizing of the duct system will remove dirt and debris that was probably there since the house was built or renovated. It will also remove and neutralize 27 different kinds of live organisms.

We receive letters and calls of thanks for making homes healthier. Our clients notice a difference immediately. What we really remove is what you don't see. It's the invisible pollutants that cause most of the adverse effects on our health and well being. All cleaning programs are customized base on our client's needs. Ask about our healthy home special!!

Walls & Household Item Procedures
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Clean Light Fixtures
  • Clean Mouldings Around Doors
  • Clean & Disinfect Door Knobs, Light Switches, Fridge, Cabinet Doors, Counters, Tables, Microwave, Stove Top, etc.
  • Clean & Disinfect Hard Floors

  • Upholstery Procedures
  • Vacuum
  • Pre-Treat & Spot
  • Deep Clean
  • Apply Disinfectant
  • Apply Protectant

  • Drapery Procedures
  • Examine
  • Remove
  • Vacuum
  • Dry Clean
  • Hang
  • Adjust

  • Carpet Procedures
  • Vacuum Open Areas
  • Move Furnishings
  • Dust Back of Furnishings
  • Dust Wall and Trim Behind Furnishings
  • Vacuum Under Furnishings & Beds
  • Vacuum Edges
  • Clean Carpet Under Furnishings
  • Apply Disinfectant
  • Apply Protectant
  • Replace Furnishings with Protective Tabs Under Legs
  • Pre-Treat Spots and Traffic Lanes in Open Areas
  • Deep Clean Carpet in Open Areas
  • Apply Disinfectant
  • Apply Protectant
  • Groom

  • Mattress Procedures
  • Power Vacuum
  • Pre-Condition
  • Clean
  • Apply Disinfectant

  • Blind Procedures
  • Remove
  • Dust
  • Clean
  • Quick Dry Rinse
  • Spot Free Agent
  • Dust Inhibitor

  • Duct Procedures
  • Inspect Ducts
  • Clean Vent Covers
  • Clean Vent & Ductwork
  • Check Furnace
  • Clean Plenum
  • Clean Dryer Duct
  • Install Fine Particle Removing Filter

  • Oriental & Area Rugs Procedures
  • Inspect
  • Test Colors
  • Vacuum Repeatedly
  • Clean Rug
  • Clean Fringe
  • Apply Disinfectant
  • Apply Protectant
  • Dry Rug

  • Resources & Information

    Health & Cleaning Library
    Cleaning Tips, Allergy & Asthma Relief, Health Information, and more.

    Green Can Clean!
    HFC is a Green Company and uses only hypoallergenic products.

    Our Guarantee
    HFC will provide the most thorough cleaning ever... or it's free!

    George Botticelli
    Consultant in Environmental Management for Homes and Businesses

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